Equipment Pilates

Equipment Pilates

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Reformer and large equipment Pilates classes


At Truly Therapeutic we offer one-to-one and small group Pilates classes in our dedicated equipment studio, where we currently have three reformers, arc barrels and many different small pieces of equipment including Pilates rings, weights, exercise bands and exercise balls. We will soon also have a Cadillac/trapeze and a split pedal chair available too. Classes are suitable for all levels of ability and are available during the daytimes and Monday evenings.


What is a reformer?

A reformer is a large piece of Pilates equipment that facilitates a very wide range of movements and exercises for people of all levels of ability. It is fully adjustable to make movement ‘harder’ or ‘easier’ depending on your level of fitness, and is progressive, so that as your fitness, strength and flexibility improve the exercises become more challenging.

Find out more about reformers and how they work


Who would benefit from a reformer class?

Everyone! From complete beginners to advanced Pilates practitioners, from people recovering from injury or with chronic musculoskeletal problems to elite athletes, everyone can benefit from the improved flexibility, strength and fitness gained from Pilates classes using a reformer.


Large equipment Pilates classes at Truly Therapeutic

All our Pilates instructors are trained by APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) to teach modified Pilates, with additional training specific to the use of large equipment. All are also Physiotherapists or Sports Rehabilitation Therapists. Class sizes are small to ensure that everyone gets the right amount of supervision and attention.


Pilates Equipment Assessment Session

Before attending any of the equipment sessions it is mandatory you attend an assessment and induction session. Your Pilates Instructor will be keen to chat to you about your goals and to assess and understand any underlying physical issues you may have, so that sessions can be tailored to suit you. You will also be shown how to safely use the pieces of equipment at all times. This session is 45mins.


Class times

Large equipment classes are available on a Monday evening 6-7.00pm and Sat 9.15-10.15.

We offer one-to-one or one-to-two instruction by appointment.


Please call us on 01257 367433 or email to find out which of our available classes/sessions suits you and to book you assesment/induction appointment.



All about reformers


The reformer is probably the piece of large Pilates equipment that most people have heard of, but there is a mystery about what is, how you use it and what you use it for.

On seeing a reformer for the first time, most people say something like ‘that looks like an instrument of torture!’ and really that could not be further from the truth. The reformer facilitates the proper form and movement required to undertake Pilates exercises effectively and as such is the path to less pain, not more.

But let’s go back to basics. Pilates is a form of exercise that involves the whole body and is concerned with movement, flexibility and strength. Pilates exercises can be carried out on a mat or on large equipment such as a reformer.

The reformer consists of a sliding bed on a frame, with attachments such as straps for the feet or hands, footrests, shoulder blocks and headrests. The sliding bed is attached to the frame using a series of springs, and it is these that provide the varying levels of resistance to the reformer. The sliding bed is moved using bodyweight with the attachments either providing the means to move (for example pulling on the straps, pushing against the footrest) or facilitating proper form whilst using the equipment.

The variety of exercises that can be undertaken using a reformer is almost limitless. You can lie, sit, stand or kneel on the sliding bed using the various attachments in a myriad of ways to exercise every part of the body.

There is no need to be alarmed by a reformer! The equipment is NOT designed to try and force your body into positions it does not want to go into. It is designed to work within your own abilities and to facilitate movement and flexibility and to build strength.

  • For beginners, or those with an injury or long-term musculoskeletal condition, the reformer provides support and promotes correct posture during exercise.
  • For people who have practiced other types of Pilates the reformer provides the opportunity to further their practice by facilitating full-range movement, plus, exercising on a moving platform challenges the core and balance in ways that matwork cannot do.
  • For sportsmen and women who may already have a high level of fitness the reformer is an excellent way to correct posture, build muscle and prevent injury, and provides outstanding crosstraining for any sport.

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Latest News

Sep 14, 2019

We are delighted to let you know about new services we have available!

1 hour Antenatal Massage

Kathryn our Sports Rehabiltation Therapist is now offering 1 hour Antenatal Massage. This is alongside her specialist training in Postnatal assessment, rehabilitation and Pilates. For more information please see our Massage page or Postnatal Pilates pages.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Debbie Olujic has joined the team and alongside her MSK and Pilates skills she is also highly trained in the assessment of treatment of neurological problems including post stroke care and parkinsons.

Equipment Pilates

Having completed our building renovations we now have a dedicated Pilates gym room and we are now offering small group and 1:1 sessions on our brand new Pilates equipment - we have 3 reformers, arc barrels and other pieces of equipment to offer a fantastic service for all levels of exercise and rehabilitation. For more information please go to out Equipment Pilates page.

Aug 5, 2019

Say hello to the newest member of the Truly Therapeutic Team - Debbie Olujic.

We are delighted to welcome Debbie into the team. She brings a wealth of experience from her previous NHS and private work specialising in MSK, neurology, exercise classes for people with stroke and Parkinsons, rheumatology, older peoples care and rehabilitation.

Debbie is also trained in APPI Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation/Relaxation.

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